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Schematic Design: Floating Roof

The ‘floating roof’ design utilizes the same structure below but is more focused on the ground level and encloses the structure with a paper thin wall.  This design looks into the themes of dadaism and anti-rationalism that is apparent in the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe.  From afar, the pavilion seems to be supported by the curved wall.  As one enters into the structure it is apparent that the wall is paper thin and obviously not applying any structural support to the wall system.  The structure is hidden within the roof/column form.  The roof/column form contains a large and complex amount of steel to achieve the structure’s cantilever, touching on the concept of anti-rationalism.  I am also interested in the spectrum between function(seen in the surrounding green houses) and art.


These are now the questions I will investigate throughout the remainder of the project.


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