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Modern Homes in Popular Films

I am interested in looking at this film in relation to modern homes in popular films and the people that live in them.  A great deal of literature analyzes the fact that the majority of modern homes in films are occupied by villains.  This is famously illustrated in films such as Big Lebowski, Blade Runner, and numerous James Bond Films.  The majority of these homes are found in southern California and designed by John Lautner, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Richard Neutra.  This film is not Corbusier’s film debut.  The Bond film “You Only Live Twice” houses its villain in a Japanese Corbusier interior. These theories suggest that all of these characters do morally questionable things to one extent or another.  This personality trait references modernisms cold aesthetic and its general lack of humanist qualities.  The film gradually reveals these questionable qualities of the main character (egoism, judgmental views, and an attempt at infidelity).  I believe the choice of this house, as a character in the film was a conscious decision on the part of the filmmakers.  It illustrates their strategy to continue this debate of modern architecture in film.


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