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SANAA on Beauty

“…Think of the Venice Architecture Biennial this year, where SANAA architect Kazuyo Sejima is the director. She said, ‘When I select, I look for beauty.’ The Dutch architect Florian Idenburg, who was her project manager for the New Museum in New York, also stated in an interview with the Dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant ‘The ambivalence fascinates me, I discovered the mystic side of architecture, the art of seduction. I learned the intuitive method, not with a prefabricated image but from my tummy.”


It seems that the diagram-loaded, ‘here’s the whole picture’ architecture of today is pushing the profession in the opposite direction of beauty.  Idenburg emphasizes the elements of mystery and seduction as tools to trigger the human emotion.  If we are given the whole picture of a project, what else is there to discover?  I keep tying these thoughts to the art field, a profession where one rarely stands in front of their work to explain every detail.  Art’s ambiguity allows for the users emotions to be triggered…and interpreted differently by different people.


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